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Question: What are some of the biggest challenges for pond owners in different climates? For example, would a pond in Georgia have the same issues/needs as one in Missouri?

Answer: “Because Estate Management Services has such a big footprint, there’s never one template that fits all pond management needs. From state to state, all these things change. And what makes the changes different, or what makes each one unique is the soil type in which the pond was built, the water chemistry that’s associated with it, even the fish types and local regulation. This is why our programs generally are handled by regional managers. They’re used to dealing with their region and their specific needs.”

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Estate Management Services operates in seven states in the southeast and Midwest:

Aquatic Surveys

Estate Management Services can conduct an aquatic survey to better assess the needs of your pond or lake. All you have to do is request a survey form and we’ll walk you through the easy, step-by-step process.

For assistance with your pond or lake, call us toll free from anywhere in the country at 888-307-6637. Or, simply fill out our online form to setup a free site visit.

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