Eco-Friendly Pond Management in South Carolina

Question: Are the techniques that you use for pond management in the upper coastal region of South Carolina environmentally friendly?

Answer: The techniques that we use are environmentally friendly. We’re regulated first of all on our labels that all our chemicals have to be EPA registered. So they have to be safe and they have to be compliant. We have to be compliant in the way that we apply them. The other thing is is that we strive to be an environmentally friendly company; that’s one of our number one goals is to provide a service to you that is not only compliant with the law but environmentally friendly. And that may include doing things like integrated pest management techniques, which would include the stocking of grass carp, it may include aeration, it may include bacteria. There are a lot of different ways to accomplish this, and we try to use all of them in one way or another depending on the need. But yes, that’s our number one goal: to be an environmentally friendly company.

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