How Chip Davis' History Ties into His Role

Question: How does your background tie into your role at Estate Management Services?

Answer: With a 32-year career in aquatic plant management on, I would say, one of the most difficult lake systems in the country, I have managed, I believe, just about every aquatic plant in the book. So I have a vast knowledge of dealing with several issues, you know, and we’ve come up with ways of treating it, and we are known throughout the country as kind of leaders in certain areas for that, in fact, taking care of weed problems on our lakes, and kind of taking notes and letting us be the guinea pigs, I guess.

I’ve been able to bring this knowledge to Estate to provide our customers with valuable services to meet their needs. As director of contract services, I am involved with all state and federal contracts. Utilities and any other group, large or small, that we can provide services. So, it’s basically the whole nine yards for whoever needs us.

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