Meet Jay Bagley

Question: How long have you been with Estate Management Services? How did you get into this industry?

Answer: I was born and raised in southeast Georgia. Went to college, graduated with my bachelor’s in biology, with my emphasis on coastal ecology. So, I kind of always knew I wanted to do something that’s outdoors related. Then, when I finally got the opportunity to work with Estate Management Services, it was only temporary at the time, but I knew that long-term, if I stuck with it, something would pan out as far as going on full-time. So, for someone fresh out of college, it was a great opportunity to build my resume if nothing else. And so I’ve been really grateful for the opportunity to be part of a great organization like Estate Management Services. And as far as how long I’ve been with Estate Management Services, probably 18 months, so a year and a half from whenever I first started doing temporary work to full time to where I’m at now, as a general manager for the city of Charleston and the surrounding area.

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