Lake, Pond and Waterway Management

ESTATE MANAGEMENT SERVICES, Inc. provides a superior waterway management program for aquatic vegetation and algae control in lakes, ponds, lagoons, ditches and other waterways. Throughout our service area of the GA, FL, SC and NC coastline, we supply golf courses, home and property owner associations, private pond owners, apartment and condominium communities, commercial and corporate properties, and municipal entities with the highest level of aquaculture and total water quality management in the industry. We proudly provide services in an environmentally conscious manner that promotes and facilitates wildlife. All of the herbicides and algaecides we use are approved and labeled for aquatic use by the EPA and Department of Agriculture. All waterway treatments and applications are handled and applied by trained and licensed technicians. We use specialized and cutting edge equipment to maintain and manage your waterways in the most efficient and effective manner.

At Estate Management Services, Inc. our objective is to provide optimal aquatic conditions at a reasonable investment by the consumer through frequency of visits and complete personal interest in each body of water we maintain.

Aquatic Plants and Installation

Aquatic plants along shore banks and in ponds help prevent erosion, increase wildlife habitat, serve as positive run-off filters and improve water quality. ESTATE MANAGEMENT SERVICES, Inc. provides and installs quality desirable aquatic plants. Our professional and trained staff will sell and deliver the plants and consult and offer recommendations for littoral zone plantings. The quality of a well-planned aquascape can add an entirely new look aesthetically as well as create a wonderful habitat for waterfowl & reptiles.

We can assist you in pondscaping and beautifying your pond with various aquatic plants.

Land and Industrial Turf Management

ESTATE MANAGEMENT SERVICES, Inc. offers growth regulation, weed control and vegetation defoliation to areas of bare ground. Our specialties are off-road utilities, fields, right-of-way, and ditches, as well as telephone pedestals, lift stations, cell towers, transformer stations and fence lines.


Preferred Certified SePro Applicators

ESTATE MANAGEMENT SERVICES, Inc. is a certified preferred applicator for the world's leading brand of aquatic herbicide.

Mosquito and Other Biting Insect

ESTATE MANAGEMENT SERVICES, Inc. provides mosquito and other biting insect control. Other insects include midges, gnats, horseflies and deer-flies. Primary areas of interest are neighborhoods, individual yards, commercial sites, and golf courses. Treatments last approximately two weeks and are an excellent tool in controlling harmful and annoying biting insects. The pesticides we use are labeled and approved by the EPA and Department of Agriculture and are safe for humans and animals.

In addition, the afore mentioned applications are performed by a licensed technician. Our treatment methods range from areas as small as residential perimeters with pack sprayers to complete communities with ULV fogging systems (ie. county fog truck)

Assistance with NPDES Compliance

NPDES Compliant

ESTATE MANAGEMENT SERVICES, Inc. are experts when it comes to being NPDES compliant.

Other Key Services

  • Fountain & Aeration
    ESTATE MANAGEMENT SERVICES, Inc. offers a complete line of self contained and shoreline mounted fountains.
  • WetLand Construction
    ESTATE MANAGEMENT SERVICES, Inc. offers services of wetland restoration and maintenance. Our professional staff arrives on location and...
  • Fish Stocking
    One of the many services that we offer at EMS is Fish Stocking.   Come visit us at our Fish Hatchery in the Brunswick, Georgia office.
  • Water Chemistry TestingWater Chemistry Water chemistry in a pond is important for weed control and fish management. Poor water chemistry can promote weed growth and produce an imbalance in fish populations.
  • Pond Design/Consult Most people think that all you need is a hole in the ground for a good pond. Many issues such as water table depth, slope, depth, and sunlight...
  • Lake Bank & Dredging ESTATE MANAGEMENT SERVICES, Inc. has two barge mounted dredge machines. Both dredges specialize in pond dredging with no impact...
  • Littoral ZonesLittoral zones are areas in a man made pond that is planted with native aquatic vegetation. Littoral zones promote wildlife, improve aesthetics and serves as a buffer for run off...
  • Water Algae ControlWater Algae Control
    Excess plant growth is the final result when you combine any of many factors. The ponds begin to look bad, smell bad and are a source of...