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Pond and Lake Management

Has Your Pond or Lake Filled In After the Recent Storms?

As a locally-owned business, we aim to treat each employee and customer aspart of our extended family, andtheir health and safety is important to us.

Our work with drinking water and public navigation places us at critical worker status, allowing us to continue our operations while many other businesses, due to the virus, are forced to close. To ensure the health and safety of both our employees and customers, we have implemented and reinforced the following measures:

Pond and Lake Management

Things We’ve Done

  • Installed ozone generators in all trucks and some offices
  • Required working in solo teams

Things We’re Doing

  • Using sterilized gloves
  • Consistently washing and sanitizing our hands
  • Disinfecting anything we come into direct contact with
  • Limiting our physical exposure with others (6 ft minimum distance)

Each new day brings new challenges for all of us. We are closely monitoring the virus and making adjustments as needed to ensure we all are able to stay healthy and safe.

Is Your Pond or Lake Thriving?

A healthy pond or lake does not mean that it is weed-free. Each pond or lake is a unique ecosystem made up of various components. Through proper management, most ponds and lakes can thrive with a healthy balance of chemistry, plants and animals.

Achieving a Healthy Balance

Balanced chemistry is obtained through pond circulation or aeration. Many times circulation is obtained by wind activity or water flow; in other cases, supplemental aeration is needed.

Aquatic plants absorb excess nutrient loads and also can add an aesthetic value to the pond with seasonal flowers. These beneficial aquatic plants will compete with undesirable aquatic weeds for nutrients.

Animals complete the balance by feeding on micronutrients and/or weeds. Because of their herbaceous diets, Triploid Grass Carp are the most commonly stocked fish in ponds and lakes.

Has Your Pond or Lake Filled In After the Recent Storms?

Find out more about our dredging services and how we can help restore your pond or lake to pre-storm conditions.

Certified Erosion Prevention &
Sediment Control Inspectors

Estate Management Services

Estate Management Services, Inc. is a licensed and insured aquatics contracting and land management company based in Georgia with branch offices servicing Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, and Kansas.

If you are interested in a free site visit for an in-depth waterway survey from Estate Management Services, please call 1-888-307-6637.

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