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Pond and Lake Management

Pond and Lake Management

A calm, beautiful, and healthy body of water adds so much to any natural outdoor environment. Replicating the pristine brilliance of Mother Nature, Estate Management Services' mission is to bring optimum health and resilience to lakes, ponds, and wetlands across the Southeast, Mid-South, and parts of the Midwest.

Over 30 Years of Superior Service

For over 30 years, Estate Management Services, a licensed and insured aquatics contracting and land management company, has served customers who own, manage, supervise, or develop properties with lakes, ponds, and wetlands.

Thought Leaders in Aquatics

Estate Management Services comprises the foremost authorities and thought leaders in aquatic management, including highly experienced scientists, biologists, ecologists, and aquatic resource specialists with a deep passion for protecting and revering every body of water in their care. This commitment ensures that all the joys experienced by families, friends, and communities around any body of water are perfectly balanced for all plant and aquatic life to thrive. 

What Separates Estate Management Services from Others:

Pond and Lake Management

Trust & Reputation

Estate Management Services caters to a diverse clientele that spans from residential to commercial sectors, including PGA tournament golf courses, as well as direct partnerships with numerous government and municipal entities, ensuring pure and safe public drinking and recreational water for the public, while also efficiently managing stormwater collection and regulatory compliance.

Examples include Dade County, the City of Atlanta, the City of Tampa, and the City of Orlando. You too can trust that Estate Management Services takes the time to provide the absolute best customer experience, caring for each customer individually with the personal attention and care that they deserve and expect.

Estate Management Services offers comprehensive solutions tailored for a variety of clients and industries, including communities, homeowner associations, multi-family residences, golf courses, hotels, resorts, municipal and local governments, as well as individual property owners, real estate developers, and engineers. No matter your management needs, Estate Management Services is equipped to provide kind, courteous service, keeping your body of water healthy and resilient for many years to come without effort. 

Schedule a Free Property Inspection

Estate Management Services offers free property inspections for any type of project. To get started, please submit your contact information to schedule a free, no-obligation property inspection today.

Schedule a free lake or pond inspection today with Estate Management Services

Residential and Commercial Services

Estate Management Services offers a wide variety of services for residential and commercial clients, as well as for government and municipalities. This includes:

  • Pond Management and Maintenance
  • Lake Management and Maintenance
  • Pond and Lake Design
  • Pond and Lake Dredging
  • Fountain Installation and Maintenance
  • Aeration Installation and Maintenance
  • Pond and Lake Harvesting
  • Pond and Lake Algae Control
  • Pond and Lake Weed Control
  • Pond and Lake Sediment Removal
  • Pond and Lake Muck Control
  • Fish Stocking and Management
  • Water Quality Testing and Restoration
  • Pond and Lake Mapping
  • Bathymetric Surveys
  • Shoreline Erosion Control
  • Mosquito and Insect Control for Ponds and Lakes
  • Wetland Restoration and Construction
  • Stormwater Treatment
  • Pond and Lake Water Testing
  • Buffer Management/Shoreline Vegetation Control
  • Invasive Species Management
  • Aquatic Plant Management
  • Public Drinking Water Management
  • Government/Municipal Drinking Water Management
  • Government/Municipal Wastewater Management

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