Alabama and Mississippi Weed Control Methods

Question: What are some effective aquatic weed control methods you use in Alabama and Mississippi?

Answer: There’s really three methods for aquatic weed control that we use; really the only three methods. The most effective and one we use the most I guess is herbicide treatment. They’re very effective. They don’t last a long time, but they do last a good bit of time. And then the second method we use is biological, and actually in some situations it may actually work out to be better with certain plants. I do get a lot of return so it may be less expensive over time, but it really is specific to the type of plant. So, where herbicides are a little more broad-spectrum treatment. And then the third way is mechanical. Mechanical is extensive, it works really well, you get quick results, you get immediate results. But it’s like mowing your lawn: once it’s cut and gone it grows right back. So there’s not a lot of long-term help from it, and the expense it usually kind of outweighs the need, unless it’s something where you need it immediately cleaned. But those are the three methods we use primarily and, like I say, herbicide is our normal go-to option.

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