Algae And Lake Weed Control

Question: How does clarity affect a pond or lake?

Answer: “Sometimes when clarity is the objective, we first identify the cause: algae, inert, organic material. Several techniques are used to remove these causes, thus creating clarity. The benefits are aesthetics. The cause could be the source of a bigger problem, or it could be from a discharge requirement. When the lack of clarity is the goal, it’s for weed control measurement or enhancement of the fish population. We can use pond dyes to artificially block sunlight, thus limiting weed growth; we can also use pond fertilizers to produce algae blooms that serve as food source for bream fry,  which improves recovery rate.”

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Algae And Lake Weed Control

The Trouble with Weeds

Excessive plant growth can result in cloudy water and even a foul odor. Reducing the amount of algae and, thus, the amount of excess plants can be achieved by introducing various fish, herbicides or even aeration solutions into the pond.

Natural Treatment Options

Certain types of fish, including some types of carp and Tilapia, can decrease the amount of algae in a pond or lake, as algae is a primary component of their diets.

Stagnation can also result in algae-filled water. Providing aeration through a fountain or underwater diffuser system can disrupt the peaceful water in which algae thrives.

Algae and Weed Control Specialists

A multi-pronged approach is often the most effective way to control algae and weeds. The first step toward a healthier pond or lake is by scheduling a free on-site visit with Estate Management Services. Our trained staff can perform an extensive analysis of your pond or lake to determine the best course of treatment for your algae or weed control problem.

To learn more, contact Estate Management Services today at 888-307-6637.

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