Aquatic Dredging and Weed Harvesting Services Featuring The Truxor T30

Ponds and lakes need to taken care of and dredged regularly to maintain a good balance in the water, and in the ecosystem within the water. Without regular care, a build-up of silt can cause both superficial and more serious problems.

Utilizing a company like Estate Management Services to perform regular dredging and water care can simplify the process and provide solutions to the problems these water features can cause.  Estate Management Services uses the Truxor T30, a viable land and underwater capable vehicle. The Truxor is versatile and effective in any situation, which allows Estate Management Services to provide high quality performance regardless of the circumstances.  

The Dangers of Unmanaged Bodies of Water

There are many problems that can arise from not properly managing a water feature’s build-up of sediment and silt. These problems can include:

  • A greater risk of floods or water overflowing.
  • A significant loss of depth due to buildup on the floor of the pond or lake.
  • Discoloration of the water.
  • Increased aquatic plant and weed growth, damaging the delicate ecosystem.
  • Foul odors or contamination of the water itself.

Any of these can turn a pleasant water feature into an eyesore or a problem. And while each of these symptoms can be problematic on their own, they can all have far-reaching effects on the plant and animal life in the water. This is why regular care from professionals using a system like the Truxor can solve these problems before they get out of control.

Why Is Dredging and Weed Harvesting So Important?

Any stagnant body of water must be properly maintained for the reasons stated above. Mud, silt, weeds, and other sediment will build up, which will stop water flow and essentially clog up the whole pond or lake.

Regular care leads to a deeper lake or pond by removing unnecessary silt from the floor in a process called “dredging.” Dredging is one of the most useful and important things to do to a body of water. It can mean a decrease in harmful algae because the algae often feed off the sediment that dredging removes. In some cases, these changes that arise from dredging can allow fish to flourish in the pond or lake because this work increases the flow of oxygen in the water.

This process is not as simple as using a pool skimmer to pull out dirt. Specialized equipment is needed to properly handle the buildup of silt and sediment. The Truxor is a system that allows its users to handle any challenges they face.

The Best and Most Versatile Equipment

Our team of experienced professionals at Estate Management Services utilizes the Truxor. For anyone unfamiliar with dredging and water care equipment, it is simply the best option on the market.  While many other systems can disturb the existing life and ecosystem of the water in a negative manner, the Truxor actually improves the health of these ecosystems by efficiently dealing with the waste and bacteria that build up.

The Truxor can work well in tight spaces, and can adapt to whatever terrain it encounters on the floor of the body of water. This range of movement is ideally suited for the challenges of the various bodies of water we work with, and alongside its many attachments and features, make it the perfect equipment for our profession.

Who Should You Call?

If a body of water is presenting problems, look no further than Estate Management Services for the solution. Our licensed and insured team is filled with professionals who are more than ready to take on the challenges the job presents, utilizing top of the line equipment that can tackle any aquatic problem.

Estate Management Services is based out of Georgia, but serves customers in Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, and Kansas.

At Estate Management Services, we’re ready to help you manage your pond or lake with unparalleled service, competency, and expertise.

Schedule a free site visit and waterway survey online today, or call 1-888-307-6637 today.

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