Aquatic Services and Dredging with the Truxor T30 in South Carolina

Water features can be found on properties throughout the state of South Carolina. They can be exceptionally pleasant, but they require attention and maintenance.  It can be difficult to understand what needs to be done, but withoutconsistent care, a body of water will quickly deteriorate and become a problem.

At Estate Management Services, we pride ourselves on being both experienced and competent. While water care can bedifficult for property owners, we are able to assess and address the issues that can arise in any pond or lake.

We utilize the Truxor T30 to best serve our customers. The Truxor is the leading water care system available, with unmatched versatility and utility. It is capable of clearing sediment and debris both on land and underwater, and can access even the tightest of spaces to make your body of water healthier.

The Dangers of Unmanaged Bodies of Water

Ponds and lakes are different from swimming pools. They have no filter to cycle out dirt and debris. That means that any material that enters the body of water will stay there until professionals remove it. Debris can be washed in by rain, by wind, or even brought in by birds and water creatures.

This sediment that is brought in will build up over time, which leads to several key issues:

  • Flooding
    • As dirt fills the pool, the water will begin overflowing and flooding, which can damage the entire property.
  • Muddied water
    • Debris will slowly contaminate and darken the water, which can turn a clear pond into a murky eyesore.
  • Loss of depth
    • The pond or lake will be significantly shallower if left unchecked due to the build up of sediment on the floor.
  • Harm to the ecosystem
    • Any life in the pond will be negatively impacted by an overwhelming amount of debris, which clogs the water and makes it difficult for any life to thrive.

All of these issues will arise unless professionals utilizing top quality equipment routinely remove the debris and sediment.

Why is Dredging and Weed Harvesting So Important?

Put simply, dredging is the removal of dirt, sediment, and silt from the water. You can think of it as underwater vacuuming that sucks away the layer of debris that will build up on the floor of the pond. Weeds can also be an issue in the water, just as they are in a garden and they must be harvested and removed regularly.

Many ponds and lake have a population of fish and other aquatic life. The fish will be negatively impacted if the water is overwhelmed with sediment. Dredging can allow oxygen to flow more freely through the water, which will ultimately help the fish population thrive.

Algae and other invasive species can feed on sediment andsilt, allowing them to quickly grow and take over the pond. When the debris is dredged, the algae will lose their food source and will quickly die out, allowing fish and other healthier aquatic life to grow.

The Best and Most Versatile Equipment

The Truxor T30 is the best system available. It is useful in any pond or lake and can take on a myriad of problems with ease.

Some dredging systems struggle to get into tight spaces and remove silt. Others can only work under the water. The Truxor T30 is ideally suited for any challenges that can arise on the job. Tight spaces can easily be accessed, and the Truxor is efficient both around and under the water.

The Truxor T30 is also a precise system that allows our team to work efficiently while not disturbing the ecosystem of the pond. Fish and other aquatic life can be harmed by other system, but the Truxor is so efficient that many fish populations actually thrive after the Truxor has gone to work.

No matter the circumstances of the body of water, the TruxorT30 is the best option and can adapt to solve the problems that will arise on the job.

Who Should You Call?

Estate Management Services provides top of the line service from experiencedprofessionals. We use the best water caresystem available, andare licensed and fully insured. We strive to give our customers the peace of mind they deserve.

No matter where you are in South Carolina, no matter what problems you are facing, Estate Management Services can and will find solutions to the problems you face.

Call us today at1-888-307-6637, or go online to schedule a free visit and site survey.

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