Aquatic Harvesting

Question: What is harvesting? Why is this an important aspect of pond maintenance?

Answer: “A good guide for pond management is using multiple sources for controlling weeds. We’ve discussed some of the herbicide options; but the other option is mechanical. Mechanical could be, you pull it out with a rake and a shovel. Another option, particularly when you get into a bigger scale, is what’s called using a harvester."

“We have, at Estate Management Services, several harvesters and conveyer units that basically are large units that are self-propelled by paddlewheels. There’s a cutter head on the end of it, and it’s generally five. And we have a six-foot unit and it has serrated teeth that weeds as its propelled through the water. It then is conveyed up onto the barge, and the barge compacts it and de-waters the material. When the barge is full, it then pulls to the edge of the pond where we have a discharge unit. It discharges into a dump truck or a roll-off dumpster where it’s then hauled off-site.”

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Aquatic Harvesting

Perhaps one of the most daunting parts of maintaining a pond or lake is weed management. Herbicides are an option for some sites, however others require a more extensive mechanical harvesting of undesirable weeds.

Mechanical Harvesting

Mechanical harvesting can be done by hand or through mechanized harvesters. Estate Management Services has mechanical harvesters of varying sizes for projects large and small.

To learn more about harvesting options for your pond or lake, or to schedule a free on-site visit with Estate Management Services, contact us today at 888-307-6637.

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