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Question: What is Estate Management Services? How long have you been in business and what services do you provide? What sets you apart from other companies in your industry?

Answer: “Estate Management Services is a full-service aquatic contracting with all aspects of water management: from public water to drinking water, to sewage treatment and retention ponds. Our service areas are basically the Southeast, Mid-South and parts of the Midwest. We’ve been in business, this May will be 21 years. Our typical services are: weed and algae control programs, fish stocking, lake mapping, fountains and aerators, weed harvesting, pond dredging, trophy fish management services, water quality monitoring and improvements, lab services, wetland management, mosquito and midge control, NPDS permitting, pond & lake restoration, aquatic consulting and airboat work. We do all of that in house, which is what kind of makes us unique from other businesses.”

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Because each pond and lake is its own unique ecosystem, there is no magical cure for pond and lake problems. In fact, it is possible for two ponds that are side-by-side to have radically different problems.

In order to achieve a healthy balance in your pond or lake, many factors must be considered, including:

Aquatics and Land Management Company
  • Water depth
  • Clarity
  • Chemical Composition
  • Sedimentation
  • Excess Nutrients
  • Temperature
  • Excess Plant Growth
  • Water Movement

Simplifying Pond and Lake Maintenance

Ponds and lakes are complicated to manage. At Estate Management Services, we make it simple by offering a monthly maintenance program. We can identify and correct any issues with your pond or lake as they arise. Call us today at 888-307-6637 to set up a free site visit.

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