Bass Stocking Rates in Mississippi and Alabama

Question: What are the rates for stocking bass in Alabama and Mississippi?

Answer: When we stock a new pond with bass, we normally—well, it depends on what you’re doing with the pond. But basically your standard rates, if you’re going to fertilize the pond we usually stock up to about 100 fish per acre. If you’re not going to fertilize the pond where your fertility and everything is going to be a lot lower, so we’re only going to stock around 50 per acre. And those are usually the maximum rates. Depending on what you want, if you want to do a, grow bigger fish, we can cut the rates down, and less fish they’re going to eat a lot more. But if you do that, they’re a little less aggressive, they’re a little less hungry so you’re not going to catch as many fish. But it kind of, it’s in a range, around those numbers and then each situation, depending upon what the pond owner wants.

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