Bathymetry Report Services Around Charleston

Question: What is a bathymetry report and can you provide this service in the Charleston area?

Answer: We do bathymetry reports, which are an invaluable asset to have if you’re going to be doing any kind of long-term maintenance to a pond. And essentially what a bathymetry report is, we go in and we map the contours of the pond to see where all your sediment deposits are built up at. So once we go in and we do our bathymetry report, we get the 3D map of what’s going on below the surface of the water. And from then, we can monitor your sediment deposits year to year, to see where there’s accumulation of buildup. And once it hits a certain point, that’s whenever we provide our other service, which would be dredging. And essentially dredging, in its simplest form, we go in and remove the sediment where it’s accumulated at in different portions. And that really helps with the overall water chemistry and balance of the pond.

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