Buffer Management/Shoreline Vegetation Control

Question: What is buffer management?

Answer: “One technique to limit nutrient introduction   in ponds is to create vegetated buffer zones around the pond. This buffer zone oftentimes gets overgrown. Certain herbicides can be used to limit the overgrowth or control of its growth rate. Another management technique would be to mow the buffered area seasonally to provide control.”

Buffer Management/Shoreline Vegetation Control

Buffer zones are lush areas around lakes or ponds that function to protect the water from losing nutrients. While buffer zones are important to a pond’s overall health, they can become dense with weeds and even debris.

Estate Management Services offers a full range of buffer zone management techniques, from mowing to using herbicides to control unwanted growth.


Herbicides are chemicals that are used to kill undesirable weeds and deter them from re-growing. Herbicides can be can useful tool in managing shoreline vegetation.

Estate Management Services uses herbicides that are approved by the EPA and Department of Agriculture for aquatic use. We are also Preferred Certified Applicators of SePro, the leading herbicide in our industry.

To learn more about how Estate Management Services can make sense out of maintaining the buffer zone of your pond or lake, contact us at 888-307-6637 to schedule a free on-site visit.

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