Charleston Ditch and Canal Maintenance Methods

Question: What are some ditch or canal maintenance methods you use in and around Charleston?

Answer: One of our clients is the city of Charleston, so we currently have an account with the city of Charleston, and we maintain their ditch/canal waterways. And so typically what we find in that kind of work is vegetation can grow at the bottom of the canal, from the actual banks all the way to the bottom of the canal where the water is. It can get severely overgrown, so we go in and we treat it, usually by chemical means to help the water flow. Because in an area like Charleston that gets a lot of heavy rainfall, you know, it takes very little for the storm and sewer system to back up. That’s why it’s key and crucial that those waterways are clean and as free from obstruction as possible. That way, you don’t have a lot of flooding in the streets and stuff like that. So that’s usually the extent of our ditch or canal work, would just be removing any obstruction whether, leaves, litter, trash, debris, vegetation.

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