Clients Contracted in Charleston South Carolina

Question: What types of clients do you contract with in the Charleston, South Carolina area?

Answer: We work directly with HOAs, so the presidents of your, or the board or presidents of your homeowners association. We’ll usually meet with one or all of those guys and discuss our plans for the management of their pond. We also work directly with property management associations, because the homeowners associations usually want somebody to manage things for them, and that’s when we step in and we’ll work hand in hand with the property management associations and, they’re pretty easy to work with. I like meeting with everyone that’s one of my clients, and I like to put my face out there to let them know who’s going to be doing the work and providing the services for them. And we also do a lot of golf courses. That’s probably, some of our larger accounts happen to be golf courses, just because of the number of water features that are on the golf course.

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