Common Weeds in Lakes Around Charleston

Question: What are some of the more common weeds you find in lakes and ponds in the Charleston area?

Answer: Whenever I first started working with Estate Management Services, my territory was the Jacksonville area. And so, transitioning from Jacksonville to the Carolinas, in particular the Charleston area, I have seen a big difference in the more common weeds. In Jacksonville, there was a lot of torpedo grass, and in Charleston there’s a lot more duckweed. So, the contrast there is pretty unique, in the fact that there are some weeds that are more prevalent in South Carolina where I’m at, versus where I was previously. So, to get back to your question, duckweed is real big, and it’s very hard to control. Total eradication of duckweed is very, very difficult, but it can be maintained to a level that is aesthetically pleasing, so if you have a pond that is 100% covered in duckweed, it’s going to take several applications to lessen the amount of duckweed that’s in the pond. But yeah, duckweed is definitely one of the more persistent ones, and more prevalent ones that I have seen thus far in my short time being in the Charleston area.

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