Creeping Water-Primrose Control In Lakes and Ponds

What is Creeping Water-Primrose?

Creeping Water-Primrose is named for its yellow primrose-like flowers and creeping stems. Its distinctive yellow flower remains during every season except winter. This perennial plant stands tall near the shoreline but also forms, up to 16 feet, runners that float across shallow water. Its runners grow over wet soil.

Why is Creeping Water-Primrose a problem?

This plant may be ornamental, but it can quickly become a freshwater and navigation issue. 

When outside its natural range, such as in a residential pond or lake, Creeping Water-Primrose is considered invasive. It can out-compete native plant species, lower water quality by altering aquatic chemistry, and create a breeding habitat for mosquitoes.

The Creeping Water-Primrose’s floating vegetation mats can clog waterways and increase the possibility of flooding. It reproduces quickly through abundant seeds and broken fragments that grow into new plants.

How best to manage Creeping Water-Primrose?

Creeping Water-Primrose can be removed manually or with machinery by cutting down the plant or digging the roots up. This may prove difficult; if any fragments or roots remain, it will regrow. Plant-eating insects can also be used to maintain the plant population.

Because this non-native plant is difficult to fully exterminate, it is best to work with a professional Schedule a free site survey with Estate Management Services online or by calling us at 1-888-307-6637.

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