Design And Construction

Question: What are your pond design services? How long does it take to design and build a pond?

Answer: “Our pond design services are for someone that has raw land and they’re wanting to build a pond for a desired use. Say, for instance, if it were for trophy fish management. We would come in in the beginning stages, consult with the owner of the land, give them an idea of how big it needs to be, the shape, the contours, what the cost is going to be associated with the whole project.”

“We don’t actually dig the pond, but we’re there for all aspects of the project so that the outcome ends up being the owners’ wishes. There’s a big difference between a pond that you want for swimming versus a pond that you want for trophy fish management or even a pond that you would need for livestock watering. So those design services kind of cover all of those, and we help the landowner from start to finish.”

“Typically, a trophy fishpond, five to 10 acres is the average size, and generally those projects we put on a 12- to 18-month timeline.”

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Design And Construction

Building Better Ponds

Constructing a pond requires more than simply digging a hole and filling it with water. Many factors, including a pond’s depth and the amount of sunlight it is exposed to, contribute to its overall health.

Estate Management Services offers a full range of design and management services to help you take the guesswork out of pond construction and maintenance.

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