Determining The Service Area of an Alabama Lake

Question: How do you determine a resident's area to be serviced on a lake in Alabama?

Answer: When we get a call from a new client, we come out and visit the area. After we've visually inspected the area and looked at what you've got, and the area that you actually want to treat, we will come back to the office and we'll actually get in there on our program that we use called SeaMap that allows us to draw a polygon of the area that you want to treat on an aerial photo or satellite photo. And what that does is, we can actually draw that polygon on there and send that to you through email, to the new client, and they can approve it, or they can adjust it if they think that they need a little more here, or a little less here, or add some to certain areas, they can do that.

And we can work with you back and forth until we get the area exactly like you want it. And then we actually use those polygons are what we use for our treatments, once we sign the contract with you and start treating. And that's the area we maintain, whatever that's mutually decided needs to be treated; whether it's a basically just around your boathouse, or some areas where they have to treat a boat lane too to get in and out. It's kind of a mutually decided thing, but the new technology with the satellite imagery and being able to draw polygons on it is definitely an improvement and it keeps everybody on the same page.

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