Diquat Herbicide

Diquat is a popular chemical herbicide that is available in several different formulations and brand names. It has been in use since the mid-1950s.

How It Works

Diquat is a contact herbicide, meaning it kills vegetation on contact. It does not move through the plant like other herbicides, such as glyphosate . Diquat kills plants by disrupting their cell membranes and interrupting photosynthesis

This chemical is extremely efficient and works very quickly once applied.


Diquat is considered a “non-selective” herbicide—in other words, it will kill any plant to which it is applied. However, the vegetation may come back, requiring retreatment.

Diquat is effective in managing both emergent and submersed vegetation, including:

  • Water hyacinth/water lettuce
  • Duck weed
  • Elodea

Diquat is also highly effective when mixed with other copper-based products, such as Sonar Genesis .


Diquat can be highly toxic in its undiluted form. However, when mixed and applied properly by a professional, no risks are posed to humans or animals.

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