Ditch Maintenance in Alabama and Mississippi

Question: What ditch maintenance services do you offer in Alabama and Mississippi?

Answer: In our region, we offer certain types of management on ditches. Normally the reason we get brought in for these, if there’s enough water flow then there’s considered an aquatic, somebody with an aquatic applicator’s license to treat these areas with herbicide. Normally, that’s our main thing is just treating the areas for aquatic plants or even terrestrial plants, just to keep the flow going. And a lot of these areas are in homeowners associations and developments and stuff where the water flow needs to be maintained for flood issues and high water events. And so you have to keep those canals and ditches open to keep water flow going through. So, normally we use herbicides but we can do it mechanically. There’s not much in the way of biological to do it. But those are usually our two options. And our biggest reason for doing it, like I say, is just to maintain the water flow through the area.

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