Trophy Fish Management

Question: What is pond fertilization?

Answer: “In some trophy fish management ponds, we use pond-specific fertilizers to produce a specific microalgae growth. Microalgae growth is used as a food source for new bream offspring or what are called fry . Providing this food source then improves recovery rates of these fry. More bream means more food for bass; the more food a bass eats, the heavier it will be. Fertilizing a pond is artificially creating the first building block of the pond food chain. So to put it simply, pond fertilizer produces fat bass.”

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Fish Habitat Management

Managing a fish habitat means taking care of the health of a pond or lake and ensuring that fish have everything they need to thrive. At Estate Management Services, we offer a variety of pond and lake management services as well as specialized products to help your fish population thrive.

  • Fish Feeders: Our automatic feeders run on solar and battery powered timers with varying feeding capacity. We offer consultations and installations to ensure that the right feeder is properly installed in your pond or lake.
  • Fish Food: We carry a large selection fish food that is specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of your fish. We offer floating or sinking varieties, as well as foods that are high in fat or high in protein, and can make recommendations depending on the species of fish in your pond or lake.
  • Aerators and Diffusers: Aerators, fountains and diffusers can improve the water quality of your pond or lake, thus improving the water your fish live in. We have many brands and designs to choose from and can take care of installation.
  • Carp Barriers: If your pond or lake is stocked with carp, let Estate Management Services construct a carp barrier to keep these fish safely in the water.

To learn more about how Estate Management Services can help you achieve and maintain a healthy fish habitat contact us today toll free at 1-866-812-6588.

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