Grass Clippings Cause Algae in Pond

Question: Will small amounts of grass clippings cause algae in my pond?

Answer: Well, it isn’t what you want, but it’s also unavoidable to an extent. I mean, we’re not suggesting you don’t mow grass around your pond. I know everybody wants their site to look a certain way. I run into instances where people intentionally bag their grass and then take it to the pond and then dump it as if it was just their personal dumpster.

Golf courses are also bad of intentionally blowing their grass clippings into ponds. So, it’s the little bits that happen accidentally, the pond can manage. But when it gets bombarded with great quantities of grass clippings, those grass clippings contain nutrients. The pond is going to react a certain way when it has dead and decomposing vegetation in it. It’s going to grow algae. That’s, you’re feeding algae and nuisance vegetation every time you put grass clippings in the pond.

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