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In the South, water features are exceedingly common. Ponds, lakes, and other bodies of water can be a selling point of any property, and are often pleasant to look at.  But for property owners, they can be a pain to manage.

What We Do

Standing water must be taken care of regularly. Algae and other plants can quickly take over the pond without proper care.  Beyond looking ugly, these plants can wreck the entire ecosystem of a property.

Beyond this, these waters must be dredged to avoid a buildup of sediment and sludge. Many homeowners simply lack the equipment and expertise to manage these jobs themselves.

Our Services

At Estate Management Services, our team is experienced, competent, and works well with any client. We take special care in training to ensure top quality work. We are insured and licensed to care of water features with ease.  

No matter the problem you are facing with your water features, we can help! Contact us today.

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