How Mr.Anderson's Work Ties In With The Rest of EMS

Question: How does what you do tie in with the other managers’ work and the overall mission of EMS?

Answer: My job ties into the regional managers’ work as far as dealing with a lot of their properties that they have locally, subdivisions and golf courses will end up having the natural areas or wetland areas that need to be managed and maintained, so I’m able to help them accommodate dealing with those areas. Or, some of your private areas that they have a pond area that is overgrown, and with airboats we’re able to go in and get it back under control so that they can go forward managing it for the owner. And the overall mission of Estate Management is being able to manage the variety of areas that’s out there that you deal with, and keep everything in an aesthetically-pleasing environment in accordance with the way it should be, whether it be a natural area or a wetland or a pond or a lake.

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