How Often a Lake Needs to be Serviced in Alabama

Question: How often does someone's area of a lake need to be serviced in Alabama and how is that arranged? Is it through a contract?

Answer: What we do, our contracts that we do with homeowners and marinas and such on Lake Guntersville are set up on a yearly basis. We come out in the growing season, twice a month. That gives us plenty of time to, you know, to check and make sure any treatments we do. We don't necessarily treat there twice a month, but it gives us a chance to check and make sure the plants are, you know, they're gone. And after we do a treatment, we come back two weeks later to check and make sure. And if we have them, you know, for whatever reason there's still some plants left—that gives us opportunity to touch it up if necessary. But it also gives us a chance, once the plants are gone from the treatment, it gives us an opportunity to maintain it real well. Because we know when the plants start to grow again. And immediately when they start growing, we retreat them which helps maintain the water quality and the lack of weeds. Because that way, you don't wind up with weeds coming back to the surface before you treat them again. We treat them as quick as we see them on the bottom. And that way people are a lot happier with the situation because it's—you pretty much stay clean all year that way.

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