John Crabb

Question: When did you first become interested in working in pond management?

Answer: “What got me interested in pond management is, I started off when I was a young kid. My mom had a pond behind her house and we would fish in it and swim in it and it was a great source of entertainment for our family. But during the late summer months, it would become overgrown with weeds. We couldn’t fish, couldn’t swim, it basically was unusable. We had a friend of the family that had a feed and seed store. He thought that to kind of give me something to do, he offered that he would supply the chemicals and products to apply the chemicals for weed control in my mom’s pond if I would do his as well. So he’s basically getting labor for free, other than the product supply. I did so well at it that the neighborhood next to us said, “Well, if you’ll do ours, we’ll pay for the chemical plus we’ll pay you a little bit of money for spending money.” Well, it didn’t take long for the next neighborhood and the next neighborhood and that’s kind of how we got started. So really my interest in working in pond management stemmed from the passion that I had for using my mom’s pond. And I quickly learned that there’s benefit to everyone else that wants to do the same thing.”

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John Crabb is President and founder of Estate Management Services. He can be reached in our main office at 912-466-9800 or toll free at 888-307-6637.

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