Lake and Pond Management in Pensacola, Florida

Healthy ponds and lakes add natural beauty to your property, but keeping them maintained can be a burden, especially for overextended property managers and owners. Aquatic plants, algae blooms, pollution, and pests can easily overwhelm a waterbody, throwing the ecosystem off balance. 

The professionals at Estate Management Services have decades of experience managing lakes and ponds. We are familiar with the environmental issues that lakes and ponds in Pensacola, Florida face. Our customers range from property managers and supervisors to real estate developers. We serve organizations like hotels, resorts, homeowner’s associations, hospitals and university campuses, and golf courses.

A Fully Insured Lake Management Team

We are licensed and insured to work in 13 states including Florida. Our long-standing relationship with our insurance company means we can easily make changes to our coverage as our clients’ needs demand.

The Right Tools for the Job

We invest in our staff and equipment to provide the best possible service to our clients. Our fleet of heavy-duty vehicles is well-maintained and ready to haul any necessary equipment to your job site. As a full-service water resources company we provide a breadth of services to meet your needs including fountain and aeration services, fish stocking, aquatic plant management, wetland restoration and construction, bathymetric surveys, dredging, and NPDES compliance.

A Team of Professionals

Our staff has spent their careers in environmental service and water management. They are dedicated to maintaining healthy water ecosystems. Everyone on our team makes themselves available to our clients for questions or to discuss issues as they arise.

Contact us at 888-307-6637 to discuss your lake or pond management needs in Pensacola, Florida.

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