Lake Dredging Services

Over the course of time, all standing bodies of water will accumulate a layer of sediment and dead algae at the bottom. If unchecked, this layer can reduce the water capacity of the body and destroy any sort of plant or aquatic ecosystem.

Fighting the Monster in the Lake

Lakes will eventually need to be dredged if they are not consistently maintained. Dredging is the process of removing the unwanted layer on the bottom of the lake to restore the balance. This layer can cause serious issue and alter everything about the lake if unchecked.

Dredging can cause more issues than it solves if it is handled incorrectly. At Estate Management Services, our team uses a system that can cut and suction away the unwanted buildup without disturbing the rest of the lake and destroying the look or cleanliness of the water.

Testing the Waters

At Estate Management Services, we has extensive experience with dredging and maintaining bodies of water. We can help you determine when your lake or pond needs to be adjusted, and can give you reliable and personal attention.

Contact us at 888-307-6637 to learn more about our services and how we can help keep your pond or lake healthy and vibrant.

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