Lake Mapping

Question: Do you use certain mapping technologies for pond and lake restoration and maintenance?

Answer: “We offer lake mapping technology that’s generally used to produce the bathymetry map. But the bathymetry, basically, is going to show the contours of the bottom of the pond in a 2D or 3D version. It also will show sediment layers, densities, quantities of that sediment; it will also show vegetation. The vegetation is given off of exothermics, so it takes the temperature as we’re doing the survey. Generally, these bathymetry maps are used for a year-to-year comparison of sediment load or vegetation density growth or treatments that have made an improvement one way or the other.”

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Lake Mapping

In order to maintain a healthy pond or lake, it is essential to know what is going on beneath the surface. Knowing the amount of sedimentation on the bottom as well as vegetation throughout your pond can help you create a better picture of the best way to keep it healthy.

Road Map to a Healthier Pond

Estate Management Services offers unique lake mapping technology to help you understand the unique ecosystem of your pond or lake. The expert staff can walk you through the process of reading the map and determining a course of action to maintaining the vitality of your pond or lake.

For more information about lake mapping and how Estate Management Services can develop a comprehensive pond or lake management plan, contact us today at 888-307-6637.

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