Lake or Pond Dredging in Mississippi and Alabama

Question: What is lake or pond dredging in Alabama and Mississippi?

Answer: Dredging a pond is just the removal of sediment, or it can be deepening the pond. Normally, we’re just removing sediment when we’re dredging. But hydraulic dredging, which is what we do, you actually use a large pump that pumps water and dirt or mud or whatever you’re removing, pumps it through the pump. Most of the time we will pump it into a filtration bag, which is like a big filter bag, and water and dirt and everything that goes through the pump goes into those bags. The water can filter out and all the dirt and or mud and sand stays inside those bags and that way you’re deepening your pond and getting that stuff that’s come in out. Now, you can come in and, you know, you could actually get down and dredge and make the pond deeper than it originally was. But normally we don’t recommend that because a lot of ponds have a liner in them, a clay liner, that we don’t want to break through and don’t want the pond to leak. But normally it’s just a removal of buildup thats comes form over time. But with hydraulic dredging, usually we don’t have to drain the pond; you can do it with the pond full. So it’s a lot simpler method than other mechanical dredges. Mechanical dredgings, which we don’t do, would be coming in and actually draining the pond down, coming in with heavy equipment and actually remove, you know remove the dirt that way or the cilium that way.

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