Lake or Pond Dredging in South Carolina Explained

Question: What is lake or pond dredging in the upper coastal region of South Carolina?

Answer: Lake or pond dredging is simply this: it’s mechanical removal of the sediment and the buildup of muck and sedimentation in the bottom of a pond. And this is needed every so often just to simply clean that pond bottom and restore that pond bottom back to it’s original design. Over time, the sedimentation that develops in the bottom of a pond absorbs a lot of nutrients. And then what, in turn, this does is creates a bad, an unhealthy pond: excessive algae bloom, excessive weed growth, so on and so forth. But most likely, when you meet with us to get your pond assessed, we will do a dredge assessment for you. We will oftentimes go out and do telemetry to make sure and to see how much sediment you have in the bottom of the pond to see if we can help you with that.

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