Lake Weed Control Services

When your lake is overrun with algae or weed overgrowth, its beauty is significantly diminished, and it’s harder to enjoy all the things your aquatic environment has to offer.

If you are dealing with invasive plants in your lake, Estate Management Services will come out to the property and perform an extensive analysis of the issue before providing you with a list of solutions.

Problems Caused by Algae and Weed Overgrowth

Not only are invasive algae and weeds unsightly, they can also sometimes be dangerous to aquatic life and even humans, depending on the species of the invasive plant or plants. Algae and weed overgrowth can also cause cloudy water and a foul odor if left untreated.

Treating Your Lake Naturally

We understand that your property is where you and your family live, work, or play. We help ensure the safety of you and your family by offering natural treatment options, like introducing certain types of fish that eat algae, or by installing a fountain or underwater diffuser system that helps treat and prevent algae caused by stagnation.

Why Estate Management Services?

When it comes to your lake’s beauty and health, don’t leave the problem in just anyone’s hands. Your lake’s algae and weed overgrowth problem will only get worse if not properly treated the first time. Trust Estate Management Services to get it right. See how we can help by scheduling a free on-site visit. Give us a call today.

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