Littoral Zones

Question: What are littoral zones?

Answer: “Littoral zones are areas that are created on the edge of ponds that are to serve as a growth area for aquatic plants. The benefit to that littoral zone is a nutrient-absorbing area. The plants that are put on there are designed to absorb the nutrients from runoff from neighborhoods, from golf courses.”

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Littoral Zones

Littoral zones are important components of man-made ponds that are both beautiful and helpful in maintaining the overall health of the pond’s unique ecosystem.

Plants With a Purpose

Littoral zones contain various aquatic plants that serve different specific purposes, but work together to strengthen the banks of the pond to prevent erosion or sedimentation, thus diminishing algae growth. These plants also offer a habitat for wildlife such as reptiles and waterfowl.

Estate Management Services offers on-site consultations to determine what plants would be best suited for your littoral zone. We also offer installation and maintenance packages to take the guesswork out of keeping your littoral zone in top shape.

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