Methods of Weed and Algae Control in Alabama

Question: What weed and algae control methods do you use on ponds and lakes in Alabama and Mississippi?

Answer: As far as weed and algae control in ponds in our area, our primary method of control is herbicide. It’s pretty effective, it’s really effective. It has a pretty long-term effect and you get the majority of the plants. They will come back eventually in most situations; in most situations it will take multiple treatments. We also use biological methods with grass carp, mainly primarily with grass carp. And these work really well in certain situations with certain species of plants. But then you have some of the downside with the carp actually being in the pond. And the third would be mechanical, which we use a harvester or we can other methods of actually physically removing the plants from the pond. These work really well. It’s really quick to do it, but there’s not a lot of long-term control to it. So due to the higher expense, it’s usually not our preferred method.

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