Midge and Mosquito Larvicide Treatments in Ponds and Lakes

As more people chose to make their homes near lakes and ponds, they are dealing with increasingly pesky mosquito populations. Most homeowners want to avoid bites, but even mosquitos that don’t bite can cause problems. Blind mosquitos, a species of freshwater midge, don’t bite but can stain walls and emit a foul, fish-like smell when they decay.

Why Freshwater Midges and Mosquitos Get Out of Control

A number of factors may contribute to problematic midge and mosquito populations. They are attracted to lakes and ponds with poor water quality, which could be a sign of bigger issues. They prefer still water, so inefficient aeration could be the cause. Poorly maintained pond equipment could also be to blame. Mosquitos love the still water found in clogged filters and pond pumps.

How To Control Freshwater Midges and Mosquitos

Completely eradicating mosquito populations is impossible. They’re just a fact of nature, but controlling them is possible with the right techniques. Adult mosquitos are notoriously challenging to eradicate, but their population can be tamped down by attacking the larvae in lakes and ponds.

Available Treatments

Addressing the underlying factors causing your mosquito problem should resolve even the most serious mosquito infestations. A trained and licensed pond technician can diagnose these in a site review of your pond or lake. Estate Management Services uses insecticides approved by the EPA that are safe for humans, pets, and other animals. Planting specific species of aquatic fauna or stocking your pond with certain fish can also help control mosquitos.

If mosquitos, blind mosquitos, or midges are a problem on your property, reach out to the professionals at Estate Management Services today to schedule a site visit.

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