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Mississippi Pond and Lake Management

Mississippi is a beautifully diverse state. From the Delta to the Gulf Coast and everywhere in between, owners of private lakes and ponds as well as managers of commercial waterways face unique challenges when it comes to keeping their aquatic areas healthy.

Customized Solutions

Since 1994, Estate Management Services has been providing innovative solutions for all aspects of pond and lake maintenance. Our staff of licensed aquatic specialists takes a holistic approach to developing and implementing plans for each waterway we work on. The result is a healthy pond, lake or waterway that is both attractive and functional.

Outstanding Service, Outstanding Results

Perhaps best of all, Estate Management Services offers full-service maintenance packages to take the guesswork out of keeping your waterway pristine. We can take care of everything, including fish stocking, algae and weed control, dredging, harvesting and much more.

To learn more about Estate Management Services and to request a free on-site evaluation, contact us today at 888-307-6637.

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