Most Common Mississippi and Alabama Aquatic Weeds

Question: What are the most common weeds you find in ponds and lakes in Alabama and Mississippi?

Answer: In our area, the biggest problem we mostly have as far as aquatic weeds are concerned is, the number one, it’s going to be algae, filamentous algae. It’s probably the biggest issue and it can just pop up in any pond. As far as bigger plants, we see a lot of naiads, we see a lot of pond weeds. Those are probably the two most prolific in our area as far as pond growth. Now in the lakes and stuff we see milfoils and hydrilla. Those actually can be a little tougher to control in those situations, especially. And every once in a while we’ll see them get into a pond. But mainly that’s probably the four plants—well, five plants including algae—that we see most that we actually deal with on a, on basically a daily basis.

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