Municipal and Government Water Management Services

Pond and Lake Management

When it comes to ensuring the highest quality for drinking water, aquatic recreation and stormwater mitigation, government bodies and municipalities require a provider that sets the bar for excellence. Recognized for 30 years as a key vendor of water quality solutions to some of the southeast’s most densely populated areas, Estate Management Services has proven its commitment to outstanding service and solutions.

From sprawling areas like Miami/Dade County to densely populated urban areas like Atlanta, Tampa and Orlando, we are proud to deliver quality standards that never compromise on safety in everything from providing clean drinking water to maintaining recreational lakes and ponds.

At the heart of our approach is a scientifically proven methodology devised by aquatic experts to deliver exceptional quality and value for reservoirs, lakes and ponds to keep them both aesthetically stunning and ecologically balanced. With regular maintenance, management and thorough testing, it’s a suite of services that delivers worry-free solutions that let you focus on better serving your constituents.

Pristine Drinking Water

Recognized as a fundamental human right by the United Nations, providing clean drinking water is one of the most vital functions of local government. By preventing waterborne diseases and maintaining public health, clean drinking water reduces healthcare costs and increases overall productivity and economic potential.  

Clean and Inviting Recreational Water

The myriad benefits of a clean, safe body of recreational water are a vital part of a community’s offerings – not only a place for relaxation and social interaction for residents, but also an economic driver for tourism and aquatic recreation. A clean and well-maintained body of water serves to reflect the health of the surrounding environment, helps prevent health hazards from waterborne pathogens and provides educational opportunities for raising environmental awareness among citizens.

Pond and Lake Management

Stormwater Runoff Mitigation and Regulatory Adherence

During extreme weather events, proper stormwater collection and runoff are vital to averting greater property damage, loss of life, erosion, and flooding. Afterward, their value is easy to calculate by the way they minimize post-storm cleanup and recovery. But even under ordinary circumstances, these systems work to ensure that local ecosystems are protected from pollutants and runoff, and provide an attractive incentive for courting businesses that value responsible stewardship of the environment.

What Sets Estate Management Services Apart

Estate Management Services has built its reputation over 30 years on the strength of our services, our training, our environmental consciousness and our deep scientific knowledge. Guiding everything we do is a team representing the finest minds in aquatic management – scientists, engineers, biologists, ecologists, and aquatic specialists who are defining the cutting edge of the science. Their expertise informs service that is 100% tailored to your municipality’s specific needs, and executed with reverence for the ecology of the water and its surroundings.

Call today to schedule a discovery consultation with a member of our aquatic team to learn how Estate Management Services can help you create clean, beautiful water in your community.

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