Necessity of Dredging Ponds in Alabama

Question: Is it necessary to dredge ponds and lakes in Alabama and Mississippi?

Answer: Sometimes in our area it is necessary to do some dredging. We do hydraulic dredging. In small areas we use a hand dredge, in large areas we use a barge. It definitely, it is necessary in a lot of water retention ponds and those sort of things where water volume is necessary or a certain amount of volume is necessary to be retained in the pond. Over time you get siltation or you get just fill in from whatever source and you lose that volume. Most of those retention ponds have to have a certain amount of volume to collect during a high heavy rain event and those sort of things. And so it does become necessary. And then the other reason we do it on a lot of golf courses and for aesthetic reasons. You know, you get a dry area from siltation where a lot of times we’ll go in and clear those up just for aesthetics, just to make it look better.

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