North Carolina Dredging Services with the Truxor T30

Ponds, lakes, and really any standing body of water will develop serious issues if not taken care of consistently, and in the right way. Silt can and will build up on the floor of the body of water, which will cause problems both minor and major if left unchecked.

Across the state of North Carolina, water features are common on many different types of properties. They can be pleasant, but they can also be difficult to handle without help from experienced professionals to simplify the process.

Estate Management Services understands these challenges, and uses the Truxor T30 to dredge and care for these ponds and lakes. The Truxor works on land and underwater to clear away debris and sediment. The Truxor provides versatility and efficiency that no other system on the market can match.

The Truxor T30 and our team of experienced professionals at Estate Management Services can solve the problems that you are facing.

The Dangers of Unmanaged Bodies of Water

The issues that these bodies of water can develop are widespread, but one key issue is usually the root cause: the buildup of sediment.

This buildup can negatively affect many aspects of the pond. The key attributes negatively affected are:

  • Attractiveness and appearance
    • The buildup can cause a significant change inthe water’s color, transforming an attractive pond or lake into a brown pool of brackish water.
  • Health of the Ecosystem
    • The plant and weeds will run rampant with constant growth, ruining the ecosystem of the pond.
  • Depth
    • The buildup will raise the floor of the pond or lake significantly over time, and can turn a deep pond or lake into a shallow one.
  • Cleanliness
    • The water will slowly become dirtier, and can develop serious contamination issues that will smell and poise danger for the property.
  • Safety
    • Flooding can become a serious issue if sediment is allowed to increase over time, as it begins to push out water.

If these attributes are negatively impacted, your water feature can quickly turn from a plus to a problem. Thankfully, regular care by experienced professionals using the Truxor T30 can keep all these aspects in check.

Why is Dredging and Weed Harvesting So Important?

Water features need to be dredged regularly. Silt, sediment, and weeds will all build up in the water. Dredging is the process of removing this unwanted debris, and weed harvesting is a similar process to remove aquatic plant life.

All the sediment that builds up will prevent the water from flowing properly. Furthermore, this sediment is the primary food source for harmful algae that can invade the water. So dredging the pond not only improves water flow, but it also helps cut down on harmful algae that cannot survive when its food source is taken away.

In some cases where fish species are already present in the water, dredging the water properly can lead to increase in the population of fish. This is because the water will become betteroxygenated,allowing the fish to thrive.

The importance of dredging cannot be overstated.  It is not an easy process, but it is a process that our experienced professionals are well equipped to handle.

The Best and Most Versatile Equipment

Simply put, the Truxor T30 is the best water care system on the market.  It is a vehicle that can operate around and under the water to remove silt, sediment, and other unwanted material that has built up on the floor of the water.

The Truxor does its work with minimal disruption to the existing life in the pond, and in many ways can help that aquatic life by improving the health of the water.

The Truxor can work in even the tightest and most inconvenient spaces. In addition to its incredible efficiency, the Truxor T30’s range makes it the ideal choice for any pond or lake it is used in. The Truxor is adaptable, and can make a difference in any body of water.

Who Should You Call?

At Estate Management Services, we provide top quality service, with the best equipment available. Our team is fully licensed and insured, and we are ready to tackle the challenges the job presents.

We are proud to serve customers across the state of North Carolina. We are willing to go almost anywhere in the state with the Truxor to help you.

Our team is ready to make a difference in your body of water, with our efficient service, and ability to handle the problems that may arise.

Call 1-888-307-6637 today, or schedule a free visit and site survey from our team online today. We are ready to help you.

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