Client Frequently Asked Questions About Lake Management

Question: What are some of the most frequent questions you get from clients about pond and lake management?

Answer: One of the most frequent questions I receive from clients revolves around why their pond is so problematic and yet the one down the street always looks so good. The fact is all ponds are different, and changes from water chemistry to depth, soil composition to nutrient load all have profound effects on the condition of your pond, and management practices must be specialized for each site.

Most of the calls I deal with are customers really curious as to why the pond in their backyard is full of algae and their neighbor’s down the road isn’t. And they don’t understand why, and it’s simple science. It has to do with, all ponds are snowflakes—every one’s a little bit different. That question alone pretty much covers everybody’s main complaint—everybody wants a good looking pond, but not all ponds are starting from the same start point.

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