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Down here in Alabama, many properties have ponds, lakes, and other bodies of water. These are beautiful, and are a key part of the landscape people associate with the South.

What We Do

Ponds, lakes, and other bodies of standing water bring their own unique challenges. They must be taken care of, because without treatment they can quickly become eyesores and cause all sorts of issues on the property, like excessive mosquitos and overgrowth of plants.

Algae and other aquatic life forms must be treated, or they will overrun the pond. The ponds and lakes must also be dredged and cleaned, as a buildup of sediment can lead to flooding.

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At Estate Management Services, we train our team carefully. Our experience and commitment to excellence are hallmarks of our work. We are licensed and insured, so we are well prepared to handle any and all challenges your pond, lake or waterway may present.
No matter the problem you are facing with your water feature, we can help! Contact us today.

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