PAK 27 Algaecide

Specialty aquatic products are a large part of our arsenal in the fight against unwanted algae growth in lakes and ponds. One of our go-to products is PAK 27, an algaecide produced by SePRO Corporation.


PAK 27 is a peroxide-based product that we regularly use as an alternative to a copper-based algaecide. In some situations, a copper-based product may be restricted or just not appropriate for the job. In these circumstances, we turn to PAK 27.


PAK 27 is applied using a slurry machine that turns the dry product into a slurry. The application rate depends on the type of algae being treated, but it generally falls between 10 and 30 pounds-per-acre-foot.

How It Works

Essentially, this product works by oxidizing the algae cell, thereby destroying the algae.


In its undiluted state, PAK 27 can pose a risk to humans and animals; however, once it has been hydrated and applied, there are no restrictions on swimming, drinking or irrigation.

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