Pesticide and Chemical Handling Processes

When it comes to pond and lake management, chemical pesticide, herbicide and algaecide products play a major role. These products have evolved over the years and are generally safe when used as directed; however, as with any chemical product, safe handling procedures must be observed at all times.

Chemical Storage

We store all chemical products in a designated, secured area that is marked with appropriate signage as required by law. Fire extinguishers are maintained and in place at all chemical storage areas, as well as current chemical labels and safety data sheets.

Chemical Inventory

Our staff performs chemical inventories daily and keeps all logbooks up to date. This ensures that an accurate and adequate inventory is maintained. We also perform routine inspections to ensure that no spillage or leaking has occurred.

At the end of each workday, all product is removed from our vehicles and returned to the storage area.

Chemical Loading & Unloading

Prior to loading and unloading chemical containers for transport, we visibly check each container for leakage. We often use forklifts for large-scale movement operations; only properly trained and licensed personnel operate forklifts.

Chemical Transport

Prior to leaving for the field each day, we draw up a chemical transport plan to ensure safety and compliance with Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines. This includes having proper and current safety data sheets for all chemicals onboard.

Part of safe chemical transportation includes ensuring that we carry enough product for the job at hand without carrying extra. If the quantity of chemical product required exceeds a certain threshold, then commercial HAZMAT transportation is arranged in accordance with DOT regulations. We also ensure that all vehicles transporting chemical products have proper placarding and that drivers are licensed, trained and authorized for chemical transport.

Chemical Container Disposal

Another aspect of responsible chemical use is appropriate disposal of product containers. We recycle and reuse everything that we can in accordance with state and federal guidelines.

Federal law requires a triple rinse of all chemical product containers. Once empty containers have been properly cleaned, we put them back in storage in a marked and secured area.

We contract with a company that collects all our smaller empty containers and recycles them into other plastic products. Larger containers are typically sent back to the manufacturer for reuse.

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