Pond Dredging in South Carolina

Maintaining water quality is key for a healthy pond. Part of keeping your pond’s water clear and healthy is regular dredging, which can break down organic matter and waste at the bottom of your pond and help good bacteria to thrive.

This waste at the bottom is an inevitable part of a pond’s lifecycle. As its water attracts birds, insects, and other local wildlife, the pond serves as a disposal point for its debris and waste, creating algae. As this material is introduced to the water, it can sink to the bottom, limiting the lifespan of your pond and damaging its health.

What Can Happen if You Don’t Dredge?

The muck at the bottom of your pond is a rich stew of nutrients like phosphorous and nitrogen that feeds and fosters algae. A little bit of algae can be a sign of a healthy pond, but too much of it can starve the water of oxygen. Without this oxygen, plants and fish will die off, creating lethal algae bloom that not only destroys the pond’s biodiversity but also creates foul and possibly toxic conditions.

How Does Dredging Usually Work?

Generally done every 10-15 years for an average retention pond, the dredging process can be labor-intensive and expensive, but it is the only way to remove sediment, waste, and runoff from the bottom of the pond, which can limit capacity and spur algae growth.

The expense comes from the fact that removing that sediment requires draining the pond and scooping it out with an excavator. The waste then needs to be hauled out by a dump truck, or in some cases multiple dump trucks.

Is There an Alternative?

Our pond dredge services slash the unnecessary time, expense, and hassle of a traditional full-drain dredge of your pond. Available in three sizes – think of them as small, medium, and large, these dredging units scale to the size of your pond and clean the bottom without draining.

Essentially the dredge unit drops a tiller head with suction to the bottom of the pond, removing material from the bottom with it pulls out through a pump system. Vacuumed up through a supply line, this sediment, waste, and muck are deposited in a series of watering bags which allow water to flow back out while retaining the dredged material.

With the excess nutrients removed from your pond, algae will be less prone to deadly blooms, helping to reduce your maintenance costs. Not only will you have a healthier, more beautiful pond, but the lack of heavy sediment will lead to fewer clogged fountains and pumps and increase the pond’s stormwater runoff capacity.

How can Estate Management Services, Inc. Help?

Every solution Estate Management Services, Inc. offers is customized to your pond’s individual needs. Whether it’s a full dredge or routine maintenance, you will receive only the services you need, and none you don’t, for any size lake or pond.

Use the online form here to schedule a free, no-obligation inspection of your lake or pond today.

Estate Management Services, Inc. is a fully licensed, insured, and bonded aquatics contracting and land management company based in Georgia with branch offices servicing Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, and Kansas.

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