Pond Management Bluffton, South Carolina

Pond and Lake Management

Water bodies like ponds and lakes can be found throughout Bluffton, South Carolina, from real estate developments to resorts to golf courses.

Keeping your water bodies healthy and functional is a big investment in the value of your property, but it’s often just one more “to-do” for property managers and landowners. Healthy lakes and ponds beautify your property and provide a clean, thriving ecosystem for fish and plants while minimizing pests like algae and mosquitos.

Yes, We Are Environmentally Friendly!

Maintaining and beautifying healthy aquatic ecosystems is at the heart of all we do. We maintain all types of water bodies, including:

  • Ponds
  • Lakes
  • Fountains
  • Recreational waterways
  • Rivers
  • Wetlands
  • Swamps

We focus on keeping these ecosystems clean, healthy, safe, and functional. Through monitoring and management, we ensure they remain ideal ecosystems for beneficial wildlife. Protecting the environment is our first concern when we visit a site to develop a maintenance plan.

Trained and Caring Staff

Our staff members go through extensive training in environmental protection. They are dedicated to being responsible stewards of natural environments. They understand and respect the impact that treatment and maintenance can have on the environment and follow strict best management practices or BMPs to ensure their actions are safe and sensible. We use any and all natural remedies before resorting to chemical treatments.

Pond and Lake Management

Effective, Natural Treatments

Rampant algae blooms, overgrowth of vegetation, pollution, and pest infestation plague lakes and ponds in the humid South, especially in places like Bluffton, South Carolina. We utilize methods like improving water circulation or aeration; installing certain kinds of aquatic plants to regulate water nutrients, overwhelm unwanted aquatic weeds, and create aesthetic value; and stocking ponds and lakes with beneficial wildlife like Triploid Grass Carp to feed on undesirable weeds.

Developing a Maintenance Plan

We start each of our pond management plans with a site visit to evaluate the unique needs of your property. Then, we agree on a schedule of visits to take care of any issues like weed overgrowth, pest proliferation, or algae blooms. Our fixed monthly fees allow our clients to simplify their budgets – they know what to expect each month.

If required, we also provide wetland reconstruction and help in complying with NPDES.

Our first priority on all of our projects is to maintain healthy, aesthetically-pleasing lakes and ponds while making the process as simple as possible for our clients.

Schedule a free in-person assessment online or call 888-307-6637 to discuss your pond maintenance needs.

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