Pond Weed Control Services

Your pond is home to many aquatic creatures and living organisms, but sometimes the overgrowth of these organisms can lead to problems with the ecological balance, and can diminish your pond’s beauty.

Natural Algae and Weed Control Solutions

Invasive algae and weeds are a particular nuisance when it comes to pond overgrowth. At Estate Management Services, we utilize the most advanced products and practices, while also considering the safety of your property by offering natural solutions.

Introducing Fish

One way we can reduce your algae and weed overgrowth is by introducing certain types of carp and tilapia into the pond. These fish consume algae as a primary component of their diet.

Disrupting Stagnant Water

 Another reason for algae overgrowth is stagnation. At Estate Management Services, we can provide aeration by installing a fountain or underwater diffuser system, which will disrupt the water, break up the algae and prevent new colonies from forming.

The Estate Management Services Difference

At Estate Management Services, we identify your aquatic environment problem quickly and treat it efficiently. We care about the safety of your family and your property, so we use natural solutions to treat your pond’s issues. Get back to enjoying your pond or lake today by giving us a call and or schedule a free on-site visit online.

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